Social marketing for a better world

Headquarters Staff

Christopher H. Purdy

is the President and CEO of DKT International. From 1996 to 2011, he served as Country Director of DKT programs in Turkey, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, where he managed the largest private social marketing family planning program in the world.  He served as Executive Vice President from 2011-2013.  His professional interests center on advancing the cause of social marketing for improved health, and socially responsible capitalism.


Michele Thorburn

is the Administrator who has been with the Washington DKT International office since the mid-1990s. She handles DKT’s administrative duties, which include visas, travel, and embassy certifications relating to DKT’s programs around the world. She also produces DKT’s annual social marketing statistics report. Prior to joining DKT, she worked as an HIV/AIDS counselor and ran her own business for two years. Her passions are travel and the cultures of other lands.

Keri Stockland

is the Vice President of Finance for DKT International. Keri has over 15 years combined experience in CFO Advisory, public accounting, and industry experience working in accounting and financial reporting roles for publicly traded companies. She has global working experience, working onsite in Eastern Europe, UK, Asia, and South America assisting organizations with post-acquisition Finance Integration and IPO readiness activities. Keri attended the University of Maryland, College Park where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Keri holds an active CPA license.

Naveed Khan

is a Senior Accountant for DKT International. He has over ten years of accounting experience, during which he has worked on all aspects of accounting and financial management. Naveed is currently pursuing his CPA. Naveed has a passion for building, construction and architecture.


 Ivy Lim-Jui

is the International Accounting Manager for DKT. With extensive international and domestic experiences, she brings operation control and reporting expertise to the team. From 1988 to 2000, she was engaged in Regional Accounting / Auditing position in the Asia Pacific region. From 2008 to 2014, she fundraised with the Parents-Teachers Association at an international school in Beijing and enjoyed working with other parents from different parts of the world. She has been a CPA and also Chartered Accountant in Singapore, and looks forward to transitioning to non-profit work. Ivy enjoys spending time with her family.

Carlos Hernandez

is an international accountant for DKT. Previously, Carlos has served as a proprietor of several small businesses in El Salvador, as a Virginia office coordinator for Pop Rocks, and in the Comptroller’s Office at American University in Washington, DC. He is experienced in all aspects of accounting and handles DKT’s international accounts. Carlos has a passion for gourmet cooking and listening to contemporary and Latin American music.

Deanne King

is the staff accountant DKT. Deanne has extensive experience in accounts payable, billing, grants and contracts, and general ledger accounting. Deanne enjoys spending time with family and friends. She also has a passion for cooking, traveling, and music.

Omer Qadery

is the staff accountant DKT. Omer has more than seven years of professional experience in accounting and finance in profit and non-profit work, including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxation, and cash and bank reconciliation. In his free time, Omer enjoys hiking, biking, playing soccer, and making new friends.

Katarina Swanson

is the Program Officer for DKT International. She performs many tasks in the office to support the headquarters office staff, and manages the social media. Her professional interests include health economics and international development. In her free time, Katarina enjoys baking, traveling, yoga, and exploring Washington, DC.