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9,267 CYPs in 2014

DKT Beijing is currently establishing its program to market and sell high-quality, affordable condoms in China. Among its areas of focus is Western China, a region that comprises 71.4% of China’s territory with its 360 million inhabitants making up 28.8% of the country’s total population. The area has made substantial economic progress over the past decades and remains the focus of government policies (西部大开发) to develop the region and raise standards of living. Increased access to family planning services and products are a fundamental part of this development.

Although family planning has made great strides in China, a strong need exists in Western China for a greater range of contraceptive and reproductive health choices beyond sterilization. As of 2010, contraceptive use in Western China among married couples aged 20-49 remained low: the prevalence rate of oral contraceptive use by married women of reproductive age stood at 0.02% while condom use among the same group amounted to only 1.07%. Statistics for short-term contraceptive methods among non-married couples and individuals are equally low. In order to reach a wide demographic, DKT Beijing uses innovative strategies to market and sell new brands of high-quality condoms at sustainable prices, thus increasing the range of choices for individual and family reproductive health. In 2014, DKT sold over 900,000 condoms .


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