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785,413 CYPs in 2015

Ghana attained Middle Income Country (MIC) status in 2010, and there are many indicators consistent with this status, including a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and strong progress against many MDG indicators, such as the eradication of polio and guinea worm.

However, despite progress in other areas, maternal health and family planning In Ghana lag behind its MIC status.  Maternal mortality is high at 451 deaths per 100,000 live births, and  both modern contraceptive use and family planning uptake are on the decline, while the unmet need for family planning has been rising.

DKT Ghana started operations in 2011 and began sales in 2012. DKT Ghana is leveraging two classic social marketing strategies to address the family planning situation in Ghana — driving demand via brand building that leverages mass media and non-traditional communication and improving commodity security via broad and deep distribution of high quality, affordable contraceptives. DKT is marketing and distributing two condom brands, Kiss and Fiesta, in order to reach targets across the economic spectrum. DKT Ghana has sales staff throughout the country doing direct sales, as well as creating innovative partnerships to bring Kiss to the widest spectrum of consumers.

In August 2013, DKT Ghana started selling its Lydia line of female contraceptive products. This new brand includes emergency contraceptives, two different oral contraceptives and IUDs, with an injectable contraceptive in development. DKT Ghana is generating interest in these reproductive health products through mass media advertising and a grassroots approach of working with clinicians and midwives in urban and rural areas. These local experts act as reproductive health advisory resources for their communities, and providers of DKT products.

In September 2013, DKT launched a new youth brand with its partners, Marie Stopes International Ghana and Grameen Foundation. The new youth brand, dubbed No-Yawa (meaning “no problem” or “no mistake” in local vernacular), is a sexual and reproductive health platform which promises to provide accurate, non-judgmental information to young Ghanaians. In a society in which pre-marital sex is taboo, youth often lack resources for information about sex, reproductive health and contraceptives.

No-Yawa was created to be a forum for youth to discuss their sexual and reproductive health issues. The No-Yawa brand offers a toll-free 24-hour hotline, an SMS program that sends out weekly texts or voice messages with information about sexual and reproductive health, and clinics where staff have been trained to be sensitive to youth issues. By providing a safe-haven where young Ghanaian adults can talk openly about the challenges they face, DKT Ghana will improve safe sex and family planning practices amongst one of Ghana’s most important and under-served demographic groups.

In 2015, DKT Ghana sold over 22 million condoms, over 1 million oral contraceptive pills, and over 270,000 medical abortion doses. This translates to 785,413 CYPs.

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