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785,413 CYPs in 2015

Ghana attained Middle Income Country (MIC) status in 2010, and has made strong progress against many Millennium Development Goal indicators, such as the eradication of polio. Despite this progress, maternal health and family planning continue to lag behind targets enshrined in the new Sustainability Development Goals.  Maternal mortality is still high and there is a high and increasing demand for modern contraception.

DKT Ghana’s mission is to access to affordable and effective contraceptive products through hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, pharmacies, chemical shops and non-traditional outlets. DKT empowers  youth and women from all socioeconomic backgrounds to understand and use a full range of contraceptives.

DKT Ghana has two condom brands, Kiss and Fiesta,  which are both targeted to young consumers. Kiss is a low-priced condom that provides the greatest affordability for young Ghanaians, and fills a gap in the market for a high-quality, aspirational product at an affordable price. Fiesta condoms are available in six flavor variants, designed for fun and pleasure.

DKT has also registered three female contraceptives under the brand name Lydia. The Lydia range includes an oral contraceptive IUD, and the Lydia Postpill (emergency contraceptive pill). DKT is in the process of registering Lydia injectables and pregnancy test kits with the Ghanaian FDA.

DKT continues to build on its presence as a trusted and reliable provider of reproductive health services by providing a complete method mix of contraceptives including LARCs and by training health service providers.

In 2013, DKT launched the No Yawa (“no problem”)  youth program in collaboration with Marie Stopes International and Grameen Foundation. As pre-marital sex is taboo, teens in Ghana often do not have a place to learn about sexual and reproductive health. No Yawa aims to create a safe space where youth can ask questions and learn about sexual health. No-Yawa offers a toll-free, 24-hour hotline, an SMS program that sends out weekly text messages with information about sexual and reproductive health, and clinics where staff are committed to providing youth with sensitive, nonjudgmental care.

DKT’s  objective in Ghana is to raise the contraceptive prevalence rate and reduce maternal mortality. To accomplish this, DKT  trains nurses and midwives to provide IUDs and implants and ensures that high quality IUDs, implants, mifepristone/misoprostol combination pills and manual vacuum aspiration kits are available, affordable and accessible.

In 2015, DKT Ghana sold over 22 million condoms, over 1 million oral contraceptive pills, and over 270,000 medical abortion doses, generating 785,413 CYPs.

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