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212,012 CYPs in 2013

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Since 2005, DKT International has been promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in Sudan, which has some of the lowest health indicators in the world. In a country of over 40 million people, there are fewer than 40,000 healthcare professionals. Early termination of pregnancies are typically performed by dilation and curettage using sharp metal instruments. Condoms, IUDs, injectables, and oral contraceptives are in short supply. Sterilization procedures are rare. As a result, Sudan has a contraceptive prevalence rate of only 7 percent.

DKT’s social marketing campaign at first focused on making condoms, injectables, and oral contraceptives more readily available to poor women. However, DKT recognized that there was a demand for IUDs and training for IUD insertion, and worked with the government to make these services more widely available. To read more about how DKT helped shape policy to increase access to IUDs, click here.

As a result of DKT’s program, there is a growing demand for manual aspiration kits and IUDs in Sudan. DKT Sudan is recognized as an important partner in reducing maternal mortality. In partnership with DKT, the Federal Reproductive Health Directorate has expanded its family planning services to all of Sudan’s states. DKT rehabilitates health centers to make them suitable for family planning services, trains medical providers to use manual aspiration kits and IUDs, and counsels women on birth spacing. DKT also ensures that these products are available in Sudan.

DKT and Sudan’s government HIV/AIDS prevention agency also have developed a partnership to help reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the country.

In 2011, DKT Sudan launched a social franchising network branded as Sahath Al-Om (MotherHealth).  An unusual feature of Sahath Al-Om is that it actively collaborates with government hospitals. These franchised clinics also collaborate with stakeholders including religion, community elders and, especially, husbands.  DKT Sudan believes that Sahath-Al-Om will become not only fully self-sustaining but able to cross-subsidize extended mother care programs.

DKT’s family planning and HIV/AIDS social marketing program in Sudan has been a growing success. In 2013, DKT provided 212,012 CYPs.  Today, DKT is the main distributor of condoms in Sudan.

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