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61,349 CYPs in 2015

The Thai government established its first population policy in 1970. As a result of the country’s participation in the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt, government policy was reviewed. In 1997, the National Reproductive Health Policy, which included family planning and maternal and child health, was set forth.

When Thailand started its National Family Planning Program, the fertility rate was 6.3 children per woman.  Fertility declined to 1.9 by the year 2000. In 1970, the contraceptive prevalence rate was 14.4 percent, which has climbed to 79.2 percent in 2000.  The AIDS prevalence rates among young people ages 15-24 peaked at 35.59 males per 100,000 in 1995 and 25.45 females per 100,000 in 1997.  By 2002, AIDS had declined to 9 males and 10.55 females per 100,000 among the same age groups.

Although the National Family Planning Program has had a major impact, the Ministry of Health faces three challenges:  (1) an inadequate number of health personnel; (2) low access to family planning service in the southern region; and (3) decreasing use of male contraceptive methods.

Founded in June of 2009, DKT HEALTHCARE (Thailand) Co., Ltd. started conducting unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS prevention outreach activities. DKT Thailand is now working closely with the Department of Health to conduct IUD insertion training for nurses to increase the number of healthcare personnel distributing long term contraceptives. DKT Thailand’s goal is to provide quality contraceptive products and accurate information about family planning and STD/HIV prevention while becoming a self-sustaining enterprise.

DKT Thailand has launched one condom brand with four varieties (Tango Shadow, Tango Dotted, Tango Ultima, and Tango Plus), two IUD brands (Pregna and Inara) with four varieties, four brands of oral contraceptive pills (B-Lady, Microlenyn 30 ED, Microlenyn ED & Ferrous Fumarate, and Dailyton), and Juice lubricating jelly brand.

In 2015, DKT Thailand sold over 1.2 million condoms, nearly 77,000 oral contraceptives, and over 8,900 IUDs. This translates to 61,349 CYPs.

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