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Newsletter October 2015

Dear friend of DKT:

Welcome to our October newsletter.

While DKT’s social marketing campaigns are frequently controversial, they rarely result in an outright ban. In September, however, the JOSH condom TV commercial aired by DKT Pakistan was banned, and received a great deal of public attention. We share these details below.

Sayana Press, the relatively new sub-cutaneous 3-month injection, was recently approved in the UK for self-injection. This is an exciting turning point for the field of family planning and reproductive health, and we hope that this will pave the way towards the approval of self-injection in other countries.

This newsletter also includes a handful of DKT’s recent highlights, including DKT’s upcoming involvement at the International Conference on Family Planning 2015 and new marketing campaigns in Egypt, Janani and Tanzania.

As always, thank you for supporting DKT International.

Christopher Purdy

Uncomfortable Truths in Pakistan

Two JOSH condom advertisements have now been banned in Pakistan, forcing needed conversations on the topic of family planning.

Following a pattern DKT experienced with our banned 2013 JOSH condoms ad featuring supermodel Mathira, themost recent condom advertisement was also banned in mid-September. Following the ban, DKT has been featured in The NationThe Times of India, and La Presse, and has catalyzed conversations on uncomfortable subjects. In particular, the ban has drawn attention to DKT’s mission, especially the vast unmet need in Pakistan. Although we are disappointed that these ads are banned, we hope that the conversations on this subject will continue to challenge social and cultural norms in Pakistan. See our banned ads here.

DKT’s involvement at 2015 ICFP

The official condom of ICFP is proudly presented by DKT.

The International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) will be held this year in Indonesia from November 9th to 12th and DKT will be there. DKT Indonesia is an official sponsor of the event, and will have a booth offering condoms and coffee! DKT staff will also contribute and present throughout the conference. DKT President, Christopher Purdy, will host a round table discussionon the main institutional obstacles facing family planning today. Additionally, True Overholt, Senior Program, will speak about utilizing mass media and educational outreach to create demand for contraceptives in Ghana. Staff from DKT’s programs in Bihar and Pakistan will also present.

Sayana Press can now be self-injected in the UK

Sayana Press’ popularity can be attributed to its accessibility, effectiveness and ease of injection. Currently, it is sold by DKT in DR Congo and Nigeria, and DKT is looking to expand to Tanzania, among other countries following successful registration.

Pfizer’s Sayana Press became the first injectable contraceptive in the UK that is available for administration by self-injection. DKT President, Chris Purdy, believes that this approval could begin a “contraceptive revolution” — especially if self-injection is permitted in countries where access to trained health providers is limited. DKT now sells in DR Congo and Nigeria and is pressing forward to expand to other countries, including Tanzania. The contraceptive’s popularity is increasing demand, and also increasing the need for trained providers. We hope that self-injection will be approved in more countries in order to increase availability and use.

Challenging the definition of masculinity in Egypt

DKT Egypt’s new social media campaign engages men as partners in reproductive health in order to promote gender equity. Tagline for the advertisement above is: “Because you are a man, do the right thing”

Research has shown that socially constructed gender norms can place both men’s and women’s health at risk. To improve the health and well-being of men and women and to strive for gender equity, men should be engaged as partners in reproductive health. DKT Egypt demonstrates this with the “Because you are a man” Fiesta condoms campaign. This social marketing initiative engages men in reproductive health by promoting positive masculine values and safe sex. The campaign includes seductive and fun taglines including: “because you are a man, do the right thing” and “because you are man, which condom flavor are you going to surprise her with?”

Can you increase family planning use by selling cosmetics? DKT is testing this idea

DKT Tanzania has partnered with the leading cosmetic company, Sleek. This will give women an excuse to visit clinics without disclosing the real reason.

Last month’s Marketing Madness newsletter focused on innovative social marketing campaigns. In September, DKT continued to reach vulnerable populations with new marketing approaches. In Tanzania, DKT signed a deal with one of the leading cosmetic companies to offer beauty products in our clinics. In addition to supplementing revenue, it gives women an excuse to visit clinics without disclosing the real reason.
Similarly, DKT Janani started selling condoms and sanitary pads on an online platform, Soon, a variety of DKT Janani’s products will also be sold on This will both test whether online marketing in India is an effective proposition for product sales, while improving access to and provision of family planning and women’s health services.