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Newsletter January 2013

Shaping Policy Climate to Increase Family Planning Use

Volunteers for Indonesia's National Condom Week carry inflated condoms as part of a parade.

Volunteers for Indonesia’s National Condom Week carry inflated condoms as part of a parade.

DKT’s news white paper highlights examples from Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Brazil to show how DKT is influencing and partnering with governments to promote policies and working environments that are conducive to family planning. DKT’s efforts include liberalizing medical abortion regulation in Ethiopia. Click here to read the white paper.

Thoughts from DKT featured in RH Reality Check blog: Five Things to Look for in Family Planning in 2013

DKT’s Phil Harvey and Chris Purdy weighed in on five ideas and trends that may have a significant impact on family planning in 2013. Will the private sector be a driving factor in the international family planning movement? Will donors fulfill financial commitments made in 2012? Read the full blog post here.

DKT Pakistan racks up first sale of IUDs and condoms

DKT Pakistan’s country director, Juan Garcia, arrived in Karachi in April 2012. After eight months of hard work registering DKT, making agreement with providers and distributors, and developing a television commercial, DKT Pakistan began selling JOSH condoms and Heer IUDs in December 2012. More than 1.2 million condoms and 2,500 IUDs were sold in just 2 months.

Emergency Contraceptive Research in Ethiopia

New research shed light on use of Postpill, DKT's EC brand in Ethiopia.

New research shed light on use of Postpill, DKT’s EC brand in Ethiopia.

DKT commissioned qualitative research in Ethiopia to assess provider and user attitudes and behaviors regarding Postpill, DKT’s emergency contraceptive (EC). Key findings revealed that the majority of Postpill users are between the ages of 15-25, and many are repeat users. The study highlighted pharmacists’ concern over “serious side effects” of EC (despite limited evidence of any adverse effects) and imposition of their own morality upon purchasers by refusing to sell Postpill to repeat customers. Click here to read the complete study.

Phil Harvey and the Creative Side of Social Marketing


Georgetown’s Center for Social Impact Communication recently interviewed DKT President Phil Harvey. The interview emphasized the innovation that DKT brings to social marketing: “[Phil Harvey and DKT] rightly deserve the title ‘innovator'” , they assert, citing DKT’s “creativity and humor” in its social marketing approach. The full blogpost can be read here.