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Newsletter August 2013

2012 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics

DKT has released the 2012 social marketing statistics, which highlights results for 90 programs in 65 countries. These programs delivered a combined 65.5 million CYPs in 2012, selling over 2 billion condoms, 2 million IUDs, and almost 1 million emergency contraceptive pills. Click here to read the full report. Additionally, reports from the past 21 years are also available on the website.

DKT Commercial Promotes Discussion on Reproductive Health in Pakistan

DKT's TV ad in Pakistan was banned.

DKT’s TV ad in Pakistan was banned.

DKT’s condom commercial featuring a Pakistani supermodel made headlines after it was banned by Pakistan’s media regulatory authority after 14 days on air. The video and subsequent banning have sparked a national conversation on contraception and reproductive health in Pakistan. A number of influential publications have joined the debate including Radio Free and Pakistan Today.

DKT Perspectives on How Social Impact Entrepreneurship and the Private Sector Transform Family Planning

Impacting lives through social entrepreneurship.

Impacting lives through social entrepreneurship.

DKT’s work as a social enterprise is featured in Philanthropy Journal. The article outlines the DKT business model, strategy and approach, highlighting DKT’s innovative practices. Similarly, a blog by DKT’s Christopher Purdy in The Broker emphasizes the important role in the private sector is playing in development, including family planning.

DKT Brazil is Making an Impact with Record Market Sales

Impacting lives through social entrepreneurship.

Impacting lives through social entrepreneurship.

DKT Brazil reached record sales for the month of June, making it their best June in their history of over 20 years. Female condom sales increased 654% from June 2013 with a current yield for this year at 30,886. It was also a record month of selling Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Kits and launching new Prudence condom products. With their use of effective marketing strategies including distributing samples at the Gay Pride Celebration and creating a facebook fan page, Brazil maintains yearly sales over 100 million units. Click here to learn more about their programs.

DKT Highlighted in Global Health Article About the Effectiveness of Advocacy

Sudan midwife holding an IUD.

Midwife holding an IUD.

Smart Global highlighted DKT in their article on the effectiveness of international health advocacy. Programs that deliver family planning products and services often come up against policies that impede impact. The Smart Global Health blog includes examples from DKT programs in Sudan (former program) and Brazil where advocacy policy changes have led to positive health outcomes.