Social marketing for a better world

Newsletter December 2012

DKT Efforts Highlighted in Stanford University Innovation Review

At a DKT social marketing franchise in Indonesia, midwives learn to insert IUDs.

In the 2012 fall issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, DKT is described as an example of “sexually transmitted altruism.” At the end of the detailed case study, author Greg Beato concludes that “social marketing as Phil Harvey helped pioneer it, first with PSI and then with DKT, has proven to be an extremely flexible and cost-effective way to implement services and boost contraceptive use in developing nations. It has given DKT a robust distribution infrastructure, a customer-oriented focus, the power to substantially leverage its donor funding, and the autonomy to pursue innovative and potentially controversial outreach efforts that help improve the lives of underserved constituencies.” The full case study can be accessed here.

Julie Stewart joins the board of DKT International

DKT International welcomed Julie Stewart to the board of DKT International in October of 2012. Julie brings a wealth of experience in the non-profit world, having founded and served as President of FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization fighting for fair and proportionate sentencing laws that allow judicial discretion while maintaining public safety.
Stewart is an effective and passionate advocate for FAMM and sentencing reform. She has testified multiple times before Congress and the U.S. Sentencing Commission about mandatory sentences and prison overcrowding. She has debated and discussed mandatory minimum sentences on many national television networks, including Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, CNN News, NBC News, PBS News, MTV, and on numerous radio and local television programs throughout the country. In 2012, Stewart appeared in House I Live In, an award-winning documentary film about the drug war.
Find more about DKT International’s board.

DKT Ghana launches Fiesta Condoms using local dance

The Azonto dance helps promote Fiesta condoms in Ghana

When DKT Ghana launched Fiesta condoms, it leveraged the highly popular Azonto dance style through television and radio spots. To generate interest in the brand, DKT is sponsoring the popular television program ‘Music Music.’ Each week, the choreographer of the Azonto Fiesta dance posts a new move online. He then teaches the dance move to audience members, three of whom compete to win an award for best dance performance. It seems to be working as DKT Ghana has sold more than 1.5 million condoms in the last 10 months. See the Azonto Fiesta video on Youtube.

Despite Turmoil in Egypt, DKT Trains Healthcare Professionals and Sells Contraceptives

A DKT sales representative provides information on IUDs to an Egyptian physician

Despite turmoil in Egypt, DKT’s social marketing family planning program is flourishing. One reason for DKT’s success has been its energetic training and sales activities. DKT has been sponsoring training session for physicians in public hospitals with a focus on junior doctors who may not know how to insert and remove IUDs. At the same time, DKT’s sales force has been visiting physicians and pharmacists to make them more aware of our contraceptives with free samples, products brochures, and an educational flyer. DKT’s sales force covers poorer neighborhoods in Egyptian cities and remote rural areas where the unmet need for family planning is the greatest. Through October 2012, DKT Egypt has sold more than 260,000 IUDs and 100,000 Emergency Contraceptive pills.