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Newsletter February 2012

Another Record-Breaking Year for DKT!

In Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries, DKT is reaching poor and underserved women with modern family planning products.

2011 was another recording-breaking year for DKT.  In 18 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, DKT provided almost 25 million couples with protection from pregnancy and HIV infection.  This makes DKT one of the largest private providers of family planning in the developing world.

The 24.5 million couples we served represent some 10% of all couples using family planning in the developing world (excluding China), and these services prevented an estimated 7 million unwanted pregnancies, 2 million unsafe abortions, and some 15,000 maternal deaths.

Gates Foundation Blog highlights DKT Indonesia and innovative financing

DKT Indonesia has grown into the largest private family program in the world and helped finance a start-up program in Ghana through the sale of IUDs and other products.

A recent health blog from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation praised DKT Indonesia for using “social marketing and social franchising to deliver low-cost, high-quality family planning products and services to low-income clients.”  With seed money from the Gates Foundation and other donors, DKT Indonesia established partnerships with midwives to insert and remove IUDs and sell DKT’s contraceptive products.  Today, DKT works with over 10,000 midwives across the archipelago.  In 2011, DKT Indonesia sold more than 135 million condoms, 21 million oral contraceptives, 11 million injectable contraceptives, and over 150,000 IUDs. DKT is reaching more than 6.6 million Indonesian couples annually, making it the largest private family planning program in the world.

DKT Trains Healthcare Practitioners in Egypt to Insert IUDs

Despite the turbulence in Egypt, DKT continues to train physicians in modern family planning methods.

Despite the challenging and often dangerous environment in Egypt during the last year, DKT has continued delivering much needed family planning products and programming to healthcare professionals and customers alike.  In 2011, DKT Egypt sold over 250,000 IUDs, boosted by a successful launch of the new Safe Load IUD to the Egyptian Family Planning Association, which runs more than one hundred clinics, mostly in rural areas.  DKT family planning training workshops are another reason for increased sales of IUDs.  DKT participated in an OB/GYN conference in Cairo that included IUD training sessions and the direct sale of Safeload and U-Kare IUDs to participants.  DKT also held family planning workshops with a focus on training junior physicians in IUD insertion and removal in cities and rural areas throughout Egypt.  The sale of IUDs and other contraceptive products enabled DKT to reach 2.4 million couples last year.

Sex Can Help Sell Family Planning

A DKT advertisement in Indonesia highlights the compatibility of contraceptives with pleasurable sex.

In a recent article on the Web site Reproductive Health Reality Check, DKT Executive Vice President Chris Purdy wonders why family planning organizations have shied away from using sexual images to promote contraception.  “The last time I checked,” writes Purdy, “young people did not call their friends to talk about their ‘reproductive health’ or ‘contraceptive options.’ They talk about their sex lives and they talk about it a lot!”  Purdy advocates appealing to young consumers with the same kinds of images found in beer, soft drink, car, and hotel commercials.  “More and better use of language, imagery and presentation of a sensual and even erotic nature will go a long way toward making family planning more desirable, even fashionable, especially among young people,” he concludes.  In countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, and Brazil, DKT has used this kind of imagery to promote condoms and other contraceptives with great success.

DKT Mozambique uses a Personal Approach to reach Maputo Consumers

DKT uses a person-to-person approach to disseminate information about modern family planning methods.

Sometimes the best way to reach consumers with information about modern family planning methods is simply to knock on their doors.  With technical guidance from UNFPA, the Mozambique Ministry of Health, and an OB/GYN consultant, DKT Mozambique developed leaflets and comprehensive family planning brochures for house-to-house distribution by community promoters in metropolitan Maputo, the capital of the country.  DKT trained them to discuss various family planning options and encourage residents to visit nearby DKT-sponsored Intímo clinics for more advice.  At Intímo clinics, visitors receive comprehensive family planning counseling about such topics as double protection (condoms and contraception), duration and effectiveness of oral contraceptives, injectable contraceptives, and IUDs, as well as emergency contraception.  Women also are encouraged to join the growing Ínti­mo Facebook Page for the latest information about Intímo products and services.