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Newsletter March 2014

Dear Friend of DKT,

When I tell people that DKT’s headquarters office in Washington, DC has only seven employees (including me), they are incredulous.

But this is part of the story behind DKT’s cost-efficiency and why an investment in DKT produces significant health impact at a very low-cost to donors.

The DKT model is highly decentralised, ensuring that strategic and programmatic responsibility is delegated to our 21 field offices and more than 1,800 employees around the globe.  This allows for fast, on-the-ground decision making that is based on the realities of the local environment.  This generally leads to actions that produce more timely results and increased effectiveness.

DKT’s structure also means fewer headquarters costs.   In 2013, DKT spent less than 2% of total operating expenses on headquarters costs.   Even less (.2%) was spent on fundraising  costs.  More about these cost structures can be found in our 2012 audit.  Based on preliminary financials, we anticipate that 2013 cost structures will be very similar.

Most importantly, these cost-effective management structures mean that valuable donor resources are put to work where they have the greatest impact.  In 2013, this resulted in DKT  delivering more than 23.6 million couple years protection across 19 populous countries at a cost per CYP of around $2.

I hope you enjoy our March newsletter.  As always, we welcome comments and questions.

Thank you for your support.

Christopher Purdy
Executive Vice President
DKT International


2013 Results and Impact Data Available

DKT Pakistan sold over 4 million condoms and 28,000 IUDs in 2013

In 2013, DKT sold almost 550 million condoms, 72 million oral contraceptives, 16 million injectables, 2 million emergency contraceptives and 2 million IUDs contributing 23.6 million CYPs. These numbers reflect a significant impact on the number of pregnancies, maternal deaths, child deaths, and abortions averted last year. DKT’s newer programs in Ghana, Pakistan, and DRC flourished while mature programs like Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia continued to reach large numbers of people. For more information about DKT’s 2013 results and impacts, please click here


DKT Makes First Sales in Nigeria!

There are 45 million women of reproductive age in Nigeria that DKT can reach with safe and affordable contraception

DKT Nigeria has crossed a historic milestone after selling its first Jadelle implants and Fiesta condoms. 

Over the past 12 months, DKT has been methodically preparing– establishing offices and setting up a team, organizing distribution and marketing strategies, and laying the groundwork for educational campaigns. With the arrival of these two key products, DKT Nigeria is now able to focus on its core mission– impacting Nigeria’s high fertility rate, maternal mortality, and HIV prevalence. We will be adding other contraceptive products in the months to come. 

We are very enthusiastic about this new program and believe they will be contributing significantly to the health landscape in Nigeria in short order. 

Does the U.S. Really Need a National Condom Day?

Imaginative condom education and promotion results in increased condom sales and use.

In his recent blog in the Huffington Post, Chris Purdy talks condoms and romance in a Valentine’s Day feature. The U.S. has much to learn from successful and innovative international campaigns that address issues of STI’s and unintended pregnancies. Using sex and pleasure to promote condoms, introducing new condom technologies, and taking advantage of social marketing campaigns can influence global and domestic reproductive health.


Top 5 Nominee for the 5th Annual CLASSY Awards

The ‘Young Marketers’ is DKT’s initiative that uses youth clubs to sell condoms to non-traditional outlets across Ethiopia

DKT Ethiopia is honored to be a Top 5 Nominee in the 5th AnnualCLASSY Awards. As the largest social impact awards ceremony, the CLASSY awards highlight initiatives towards social progress. DKT Ethiopia has been operating since 1989 to deliver a range of family planning products and services and has contributed towards Ethiopia’s gains in the area of reproductive health. DKT has done this in innovative ways including the ‘Young Marketers‘ initiative, the ‘Wise-Up‘ program, and the new ‘Likke Project‘.

We thank the CLASSY awards for selecting DKT Ethiopia as a finalist.