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Reaching Youth

Young people age 25 and under make up 43% of the world’s population, and 60% of the population in less developed countries, according to the UN (2011). Cultural taboos and a lack of healthcare delivery options currently prevent millions of young people from learning about their sexual health and accessing reproductive healthcare. At DKT, we recognize that preventing unwanted pregnancies and promoting young people’s sexual health is critical to breaking cycles of poverty and enabling young women and girls to pursue their education.

DKT is committed to meeting young people where they are. We use several strategies to engage teenagers and young adults:

Youth-Centered Programming
 DKT currently operates multiple youth programs around the world. Batela Lobi Ya No, trains interested teenagers to serve as peer educators on sexual health topics, and organizes concerts and other youth-friendly events at which we offer free counseling services. The No Yawa youth program from Ghana, established in 2013, provides a safe space for teens to learn about sex and contraception. No Yawa also offers a hotline that people can call to ask sexual health questions.

Social Media
Young people from less developed countries are coming online in increasing numbers, making the internet a powerful tool for information sharing. DKT capitalizes on this opportunity by creating Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for our youth programs and contraceptive brands. DKT Nigeria recently created a teen-friendly website to share sexual health information with women and girls aged 18-25.

DKT believes young people everywhere deserve accurate sexual health information and nonjudgmental care. We fight to provide young people with the resources they need to plan their futures and unlock their potential.

Providing Youth-friendly Services
DKT offers training to providers on how to tailor sexual and reproductive health services to teenagers and young adults. DKT also strives to offer contraceptive products that may be especially appealing to young people, such as Sayana Press.