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What We Do

Prudence Condoms

A billboard advertisement for DKT’s Prudence condoms in Brazil. DKT Brazil recently celebrated selling its one-billionth condom.

Contraceptive Social Marketing

Since 1989, DKT International’s core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing.  The social marketing of reproductive health products and services has several unique advantages because social marketing contraceptives are not perceived as a “program” by consumers.  Rather, they are seen as normal commercial goods that offer consumers a benefit at an affordable price.  Because they are purchased, they are likely to be used.  As a result, the social marketing of contraceptives and family planning services is highly efficient and cost-effective. Read more >>


DKT’s management structure and practices are unique in that they are highly decentralized, promoting strong accountability and entrepreneurship at the field-office level.  The headquarters offices in Washington include a staff of only eight people with a strong focus on cost efficiency and financial oversight.  As a result, field offices and local country teams and staff – approximately 1,800 employees – are given wide programmatic and management autonomy. Read more >>

Family Planning:  Reaching the Poor

In Ethiopia, DKT increases condom use through events like this parade. In 2015, DKT distributed almost 60 million condoms and provided more than half of Ethiopia’s modern contraception.

Today, DKT is providing safe, affordable, and effective family planning products and services – in some cases with dramatic impact.  DKT places a major emphasis on educating and empowering groups with particular needs, such as poor women, marginalized and vulnerable populations, adolescent girls, and youth, so that they can fully understand and make use of their available reproductive health options.  For example, one of the keys to DKT’s success in Indonesia has been the Andalan (meaning ‘reliable’) social franchises of midwives.  DKT Indonesia has developed a strong relationship with midwives, the key providers of reproductive health services for the lower income and rural segments of Indonesia society. Read more >>

Providing Safe, Affordable Abortion

Because unsafe abortions increase maternal mortality and decrease maternal health, DKT provides safe, affordable abortion wherever it is legal.  These include abortions performed by health providers using manual vacuum aspiration kits and the provision of medical abortion drugs (mifepristone and misoprostol).  DKT stresses the importance of safe abortion by registering abortion products and by implementing advertising, education, and outreach campaigns that reach at-risk women, especially in rural and poor areas. Read more >>


One of the characteristics of today’s changing family planning markets is the need for market segmentation.   Consumers, even very low-income women in developing countries, have become more sophisticated in their contraceptive expectations.  DKT’s expanding list of contraceptive products and services provides women and men with more choices – choices of modern contraceptive methods, choices of contraceptive brands, and choices of providers. Read more >>

HIV/AIDS Prevention

Around the word, DKT focuses on people engaged in high-risk behaviors, including sex workers in Philippine brothels, injecting drug users in Indonesia, truck drivers in Democratic Republic of Congo, soldiers in Ethiopia, and gay groups in Brazil.  DKT also has specially designed social marketing programs to address the problem of HIV/AIDS.  For example, DKT Ethiopia’s “Wise-Up” campaign ( promotes condom use among at-risk populations because increasing the use of condoms reduces the prevalence of HIV. Read more >>

DKT Turkey’s Facebook advertising for Fiesta condoms.

Media Campaigns

DKT’s experience and expertise in the use of innovative media approaches ranges from wall paintings on the sides of buildings in rural Bihar in India, to websites and Facebook in the Philippines, Turkey, and Mozambique, to mobile video trucks in rural Ethiopia.  And in Turkey, DKT uses social media to reach young, sexually active young people and sells Fiesta condoms online. Read more >>