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DKT was established in 1989 and soon opened its first offices in Ethiopia (1990), Brazil, Philippines (1991), India (1992), Vietnam (1993) and China and Indonesia (1996), firmly establishing ourselves in some of the largest countries in Africa, South America and Asia. We now have offices in 30+ countries and reach clients in more than 100. 

Our organization establishes stand-alone programs in each country where we work, shouldering the costs of starting up and maintaining the requisite infrastructure. We focus on growing regions and countries in larger markets because it is easier to have a large impact and do it in a more cost-effective way.  Expenses related to back office support, key staff and regulatory issues tend to have a minimum threshold of cost regardless of the size of a country.

French-speaking West and Central Africa (FWACA), for example, is a region that encompasses nearly 200 million people in more than a dozen countries. Persistently high fertility rates are just one of a myriad of challenges facing the region.  DKT decided to take a page from the playbook used by multinational companies and established a regional platform in 2015, which requires fewer financial resources per country (and streamlined back office support), and leverages the common language, culture and regulatory environment of the region.

In Latin America, DKT adopted a similar strategy and has built on it well-established social enterprises in Mexico and Brazil to expand our reach and impact in neighboring countries. Leveraging the already strong infrastructure, finance and administrative systems and powerful brands, DKT now serves women and men in most of South and Central America and the Caribbean. DKT also operates regional programs in the Mekong Delta, Anglophone West Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, and Central Asia. 

To have a powerful impact and be sustainable over the very long term, we adapt to the financial and programmatic realities of our environment. This is how successful for-profit companies think and we believe it is how nonprofits should think as well.

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