• Contraceptive Social Marketing
  • Reaching Vulnerable Populations with Family Planning
  • Reaching the Poor
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Social Franchising
  • Providing Safe, Affordable Abortion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Products
  • Media Campaigns
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    DKT’s management structure and practices are unique in that they are highly decentralized, promoting strong accountability and entrepreneurship at the field-office level. The headquarters offices in Washington include a staff of only eight people with a strong focus on cost efficiency and financial oversight. As a result, field offices and local country teams and staff – approximately 1,800 employees – are given wide programmatic and management autonomy. This allows DKT field offices to make decisions quickly, explore timely opportunities, and develop culturally appropriate programming and a strong sense of local ownership. In addition, most DKT field offices are established as local entities.

    DKT’s Sutra and Fiesta brands in Indonesia

    In India, Janani operates its own clinics, outreach, and franchises, while our Mumbai-based program fields a sales force of more than 100 across half of the subcontinent. In Indonesia and Brazil, staffs are much smaller as we work with local distribution firms. For all programs, DKT’s entrepreneurial management policies include the following: