Social marketing for a better world

HIV/AIDS Prevention

Because HIV/AIDS is a serious problem in many developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, DKT routinely provides essential information about preventing HIV in its educational and marketing materials.  DKT sold almost 623 million condoms in 2015, which reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Around the world, DKT focuses on people engaged in high-risk behaviors, including sex workers in Philippine brothels, injecting drug users in Indonesia, truck drivers in Democratic Republic of Congo, soldiers in Ethiopia, and gay groups in Brazil. DKT also has specially designed social marketing programs to address the problem of HIV/AIDS.  Since 2006, DKT Vietnam has been selling clean needles to intravenous drug users along Vietnam’s border with China and Cambodia to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS.

In Ethiopia, DKT increases condom use through events like this parade during a holiday celebrated primarily by women. In 2015, DKT distributed 60 million condoms.

DKT also has created an unusual public-private condom distribution network by partnering with HIV/AIDS authorities in Vietnam’s provinces who act as a bridge between DKT and over 2,000 nontraditional outlets, such as bars, karaoke clubs, night clubs, and hotels.

DKT Ethiopia’s “Wise-Up” campaign promotes condom use among at-risk populations because increasing the use of condoms reduces the prevalence of HIV. DKT Ethiopia has produced two educational films for young audiences about “The HIV Superhighway” that highlight concurrent partnerships and HIV prevention.  These videos were produced with the assistance of Helen Epstein, the acclaimed author of The Invisible Cure:  Africa, The West, and the Fight Against AIDS (2007).