Social marketing for a better world

Media Campaigns

DKT promotes its contraceptive brands and services through TV, radio, and print advertising. Check out DKT’s YouTube page to see some of our all-time best ads. DKT maintains active Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to promote its programs and brands. For example, the DKT condom brand Prudence, one of the most preferred condom brands in Brazil, has nearly 2 million likes on Facebook.  DKT Tanzania recently won Instagram account of the year for its Bull Condoms brand.

DKT frequently experiments with new marketing approaches to reach young and under-served populations, and tailors its campaigns for the given cultural context. In northern India, DKT uses communication tools such as wall paintings, tin plates and street theatre to engage villagers who lack internet access.  In several countries, DKT employs peer educators and community health workers to attend market days and go door to door to deliver family planning information.

Promoting IUDs in Indonesia
In 2015, DKT Indonesia introduced two ground-breaking TV ads to promote IUDs to married couples on the basis of sexual pleasure. In a country that values discretion, these commercials link IUDs with sexual pleasure and other benefits of using a long term, reversible method. One ad was targeted to women and the other to men.

Fighting stigma in India
In India, DKT aired a pioneering advertisement on medical abortion. This ad skillfully portrayed the emotional toll of unwanted pregnancy with assurances about the safety and privacy of medical abortion drugs. To our knowledge, it is the first and only television advertisement for medical abortion in the world.

Innovative Marketing
In Brazil, DKT devised a contest for testing condoms where users share their experiences with DKT’s products. DKT China/Shanghai uses the internet to market contraceptives and advocate for HIV prevention among its young audience.