Social marketing for a better world

Media Campaigns

Fiesta Condom ad in Turkey

DKT continually finds new ways to deliver information about family planning and safe abortion options to those who need it.

In Ethiopia, DKT developed three major behavior change communication campaigns that promoted modern contraception broadly. In other countries, DKT promotes its own health products and services through creative and hard-hitting branded advertising using TV, radio and billboards. DKT Brazil developed a series of sexy ads promoting its Prudence line of condoms. Some of DKT’s best TV spots appear on its YouTube page.

Increasingly, DKT uses social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach people, particularly young people. The DKT condom brand, Prudence, is one of the most preferred condom brands in Brazil, and has more than 1 million followers on its fan page on Facebook.

However, DKT doesn’t always rely on high tech approaches using mass and social media. In northern India, DKT uses communication tools such as wall paintings, tin plates and street theatre — suitable for low-literate, village settings.  In India and Ethiopia, DKT peer educators talk to women who have come from their villages on market days about family planning.

Promoting IUDs in Indonesia

In Indonesia, DKT launched the country’s first nationwide advertising for IUDs, like this one in 2011 and this one in 2012.  One advertisement depicts a young woman holding a slim IUD in her fingers, stressing how small and comfortable it is. In 2015, DKT Indonesia started airing ground-breaking TV spots on what sex feels for couples since they got an IUD, with separate spots for women and men.

Promoting abortion in India

In India, DKT aired a pioneering advertisement on medical abortion. This ad skillfully and movingly dramatized the emotional conflicts of unwanted pregnancy with assurances about the safety and privacy of medical abortion drugs. To our knowledge, it is the first and only television advertisement for medical abortion in the world.

Reaching youth in Ghana

In Ghana, DKT has launched a new youth brand dubbed No Yawa, a sexual and reproductive health platform that offers accurate, non-judgmental information to young Ghanaians. No Yawa uses a variety of means to reach youth, including a website, Twitter and a Facebook page.

Harnessing new technologies

DKT is on the cutting edge of new technologies to reach young and under-served populations. In Turkey, DKT uses Facebook, Google Adwords, an e-newsletter and viral and email marketing to promote DKT’s brand of Fiesta condoms. In Brazil, DKT devised a contest for testing condoms where users share their experiences with DKT’s products. The 100 consumers with the best stories receive free condoms for a year. DKT China/Shanghai uses the internet to market contraceptives and advocate for HIV prevention among its young audience.

Tapping into social media

DKT makes active use of Facebook in Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, MexicoPakistan, and Vietnam to reach millions of young people with information and entertainment about their products and services. In Brazil, our Prudence Facebook page has more than a million fans. Many programs are also utilizing Twitter including Prudence Mexico, which has more than 33,000 followers.