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Prizes For Passion

In 2016, DKT International announced the establishment of the ‘Prize for Passion’, named in honor of Phil Harvey, our founder and Board chairman. This prize provides a one-time honorarium to individuals or groups in recognition of their commitment to family planning and reproductive health for whom this investment would help catalyze meaningful opportunities or activities.

There are no geographic limitations on the award. DKT does not accept applications for these awards and relies on a small nominating committee to determine this recognition.

The following are the 2016 recipients of the Prize for Passion:

  • Marge Berer and The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion
    The Campaign is an international coalition that advocates for the legalization and decriminalization of abortion worldwide and connects women in need with information regarding abortion care.  The Campaign is comprised of over 1,000 members in 140 countries.
  •  Jonathan Stack and Doug Stein, MD: World Vasectomy Day
    World Vasectomy Day combines a social media communications project that seeks to educate men in developing countries about vasectomies with a medical project to provide affordable vasectomies to men who want them.
  • Beatriz Pacheco
    Beatriz Pacheco is an HIV positive speaker and activist from Brazil. She speaks to various audiences on HIV and STD prevention and promotes DKT Brazil’s contraceptive products.
  • Dr. Ana Maria Zavala and Dr. Jose Luis Delgado of Centro de Atención Integral a la Pareja (Mexico)
    CIPA – Centro de Atención Integral a la Pareja is an organization that trains health professionals in high quality counseling and holistic medical services. These services are offered to women with unwanted pregnancies or are making reproductive and sexual decisions in vulnerable communities.
  • Lindy West  and #ShoutYourAbortion Project (USA)
    Lindy West is a feminist and activist who established #ShoutYourAbortion, a project that uses social media to destigmatize abortion by allowing women to share their experiences online without shame or regret.
  • Ben de Leon and the Forum for Family Planning & Development (Philippines)
    The Forum for Family Planning and Development works on national policy issues regarding population, health and family welfare, and the provision of universal access to information and service for all Filipinos, especially the poor and youth.
  • Anne Philpott and The Pleasure Project (India, UK)
    The Pleasure Project is an educational resource promoting safer sex to women and men by focusing on the real reasons most people want to have sex: desire and pleasure.