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1,616,326 CYPs in 2015

A DKT outreach worker talks family planning to an attentive group of women in a low-income areas of Lagos.
A DKT outreach worker talks family planning to an attentive group
of women
in a low-income areas of Lagos.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and has the 7th highest population in the world. With nearly half of the population under 18 years old, a record number of young people will enter reproductive age in the next decade. At the moment, approximately 45 million Nigerian women are of reproductive age and maternal mortality is high at a rate of 630 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. In 2013, 16% of Nigerian women reported an unmet need for family planning, while the modern contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) was only 9.8%, according to the Nigeria Demographic & Health Survey 2013. Nigeria’s Ministry of Health has set a goal of 36% contraceptive prevalence rate by 2018.

DKT Nigeria’s nimble approach to contraceptive social marketing ensures accessibility and availability across Nigeria and has brought a landmark improvement to Nigeria’s family planning landscape. The ESAQ logo is DKT Nigeria’s symbol of devotion, service and commitment to all Nigerians. It stands for Effective, Safe, Affordable and Quality – omnipresent characteristics of DKT Nigeria’s contraceptive products and services. DKT Nigeria’s contraceptive and family planning services reach the poor, vulnerable, young and adolescent populations in slums and hard-to-reach areas including where health providers and facilities are absent.

Contraceptive Social Marketing

DKT Nigeria has national distribution reach with a timely tenacity of contraceptive delivery within 24 hours or less to any part of Nigeria. DKT’s direct selling to providers through its own network of medical sales representatives has made contraceptives easily accessible, available and affordable.

These medical sales representatives distribute Kiss and Fiesta condoms, Postpill emergency contraceptives, Levofem oral contraceptive pills, Sayana Press injectable, Lydia IUDs, Implanon NXT and Jadelle implants and IPAS Manual Vacuum Aspirator kits.

DKT Nigeria offers a toll free reminder service to Sayana Press users to remind them their next dose, and notify those who missed their re-injection. DKT Nigeria sends these reminders thrice to ensure user compliance and increase continuation rates.

Community-Based Distribution

DKT’s community health extension workers, aka the DKT Bees, are a vital component of its program. The term “Bees” was coined from the activity of bees who fly from flower to flower, spreading their pollen. DKT believes that the Bees — branded with a logo, uniforms and cooler bags — can play a vital role in family planning awareness and accessibility in Nigeria. DKT has recruited and trained over 149 private community health workers in order to bring family planning services closer to women in their homes, businesses, markets and communities.

DKT’s Nigeria’s approach is to use DKT Bees to take contraceptive products out of the clinics and into women’s homes, businesses, and markets. This approach reduces the burden of travelling long distances to obtain products and services and increases the acceptability of these products.

Health Care Provider Trainings

DKT has trained more than 4,500 providers from different cadres of the healthcare profession, including doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, community health workers and patent and proprietary medicine vendors (defined as persons without formal training in pharmacy who sell orthodox pharmaceutical products on a retail basis for profit). These providers receive training on family planning methods, insertion of long IUDs and implants, management of side effects and counselling on family planning. A large percentage of these providers have made DKT Nigeria their go-to supplier for quality contraceptives.

Clinical Service Outreach

DKT Nigeria’s clinical service delivery program collaborates with private clinics to provide family planning services directly to women in slums and low income populations of Lagos and Ogun states. The success of the outreach programs is seen in the number of first-time family planning users who begin using family planning products and services as a result of our outreach program. Two-thirds of the outreach clients are first-time contraceptive users, with a majority of the women opting for the Jadelle implant or Sayana Press injectable.

In 2015, DKT Nigeria sold over 35.6 million condoms, almost 300,000 oral contraceptives and 87,600 IUDs. It began to offer Sayana Press injectable contraceptives, selling over 252,000. Overall in 2015, DKT Nigeria provided 1.6 million couple years of protection and averted 124,547 unintended pregnancies, 2,476 maternal deaths, 3,430 child deaths and 409,321 unsafe abortions.

For more information, please contact the DKT Nigeria country director. You can find that information here

Pulse Nigeria: Seeking to reverse Nigeria’s family planning stagnation, September 26, 2016.

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