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2,621,835 CYPs in 2013

DKT Philippines began its social marketing campaign in 1991 by introducing Trust condoms. Since then, Trust has become the leading condom on the market. Over 100 million have been sold. It retails at just 5 pesos, or about 10 cents in US currency. DKT’s contraceptive sales are providing a bridge from government-provided contraceptives to the commercialization of the contraceptive market in a country where the Catholic Church and other organizations oppose modern methods of contraception.

In addition to Trust condoms, DKT Philippines has introduced other contraceptives to meet the needs of low-income Filipinas.

    In 1997, DKT introduced Trust pills, a low-dose oral contraceptive. They sell for 20 pesos, or about 40 cents in US currency. in 2014, DKT sold more than 26 million cycles.

    In 2005, DKT Philippines started a social franchising network with more than 300 POPSHOP clinics that ensures access to high-quality and affordable reproductive health products, services and information to nearly 50,000 couples in 2011.  POPSHOP franchises set up family planning “corners” in government clinics that are seeking a sustainable way of offering products. DKT helps them avoid stock-outs, with contraceptive security as the overriding goal.  DKT provides training to government providers and promotes increased contraceptive use through education and branding.

    DKT also has been involved in HIV/AIDS prevention in the Philippines. Program activities include educational campaigns, street theater productions, and the promotion of condom use in brothels and hotels.

    Revenue before 2002 was less than the replacement cost of the contraceptives. Today, however, gross profits almost cover the operating expenses of the program. Much of this success is due to the expertise and enthusiasm of the sales staff. As Ronilo Tugaoen, the Sales Supervisor of DKT Philippines said, “I have been able to provide well for my family through working with DKT. And while I value the past, I look forward to the coming years. It has been a great privilege to contribute to the well-being of my fellow Filipinos.”

    In 2014, DKT’s program sold over 30 million condoms, over 26 million oral contraceptives,  1.3 million injectable contraceptives, and 35,000 IUDs. This translates into 2,690,051 CYPs.

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