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560 CYPs in 2014

DKT is in the early stages of establishing a program in Tanzania. With a population of 44 million, Tanzania is the 6th most populous country in Africa and contains some 1.5 million women with unmet family planning needs. Nearly 45% of Tanzania’s population is under the age of 15, making it one of the world’s youngest countries. A large number of young people will soon face choices about sex and family planning. Women have an average of 5 children and the contraceptive prevalence rate holds steady at 34%.

Family planning challenges in Tanzania include supply chain stock outs and irregularities, social inhibitions related to religion and culture, and a lack of modern birth control methods and sex education for young girls and adolescents. Tanzania grapples with a serious HIV epidemic– nearly 1.6 million people are infected. Women are particularly affected and comprise over 60% of cases.

DKT Tanzania will respond to these problems by providing a wide range of high-quality contraceptives at affordable prices. Providing method choices, introducing innovative technologies and filling gaps in the supply chain will help serve the total marketplace. DKT will develop innovative outreach, education, and marketing efforts to shift behavior and to expand the market.

Trust franchise family planning clinics, part of DKT Tanzania’s Trust Network, became operational in 2014. DKT Tanzania had 30 franchise clinics across four regions of Tanzania at the end of 2015.

DKT Tanzania also began contraceptive sales in 2014.

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