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127,851 CYPs in 2015

Turkey has long been involved in efforts to improve maternal and child health. Turkey legalized family planning education and the provision of contraception in the mid-1960s and legalized abortion and sterilization in 1983.

Turkey’s family planning programs are relatively advanced and have helped the country achieve a contraceptive prevalence rate of 64 percent. However, there is still a high degree of reliance on traditional methods, especially withdrawal.

    Most Turkish couples want small families. Yet the high rate of failure rate of Turkey’s most popular method – a pregnancy rate of 33 percent associated with withdrawal – combined with the desire for smaller families has resulted in high rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion. Twenty-seven percent of Turkish woman have had one or two abortions.

    Founded in 2008, DKT Turkey is a social marketing enterprise with a mission to prevent unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. DKT’s decision to establish a program in Turkey was based on the country’s high rates of unintended pregnancies and abortion, a low usage rate of modern contraceptives, and a high-priced commercial condom market.

    Recently, DKT began marketing two lines of condoms in Turkey along with innovative educational campaigns to promote their use. In addition, DKT Turkey markets a female condom and a line of lubricants, which reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS. The goal of DKT Turkey is to increase condom availability and reduce condom prices in the commercial sector and to become a self-sustaining enterprise.

    In 2015, DKT sold over 4 million condoms and over 19,000 IUDs, which translates into 127,851 CYPs.

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