Social marketing for a better world


DKT recently established a regionally-focused enterprise based in in Nairobi, Kenya that will serve the neighboring countries of Kenya and Uganda.  We believe a regional approach makes more sense given current market dynamics in both countries, and will allow us to attain greater economies of scale and improve cost recovery.

DKT aims to revolutionize the private sector market in these two countries. Our approach, which is fast-paced, innovative, and results-oriented, will allow us to respond to consumer demands that have been neglected by the public sector.  DKT will introduce a wide range of high-quality, affordable, and exciting brands of contraceptive and sexual health products to the market through well established distribution and supply chain mechanisms.

Kenya and Uganda have a combined population of nearly 80 million, with half of the population ages 25 and under. In both countries, internet infrastructure is rapidly improving, and mobile phone usage is sky-rocketing.  DKT will therefore focus on digital and social media usage to promote its brands. We hope that this approach will engage the youth market and renew the private sector for family planning.

Keep an eye out for DKT in late 2016, when our brands will begin to launch!